As we all know, I spend an inordinate amount of time dicking around at work... This only becomes a problem when (a)my boss wants something and I haven't done it - and (b)when I want to take a day off, and get the guilts.

I've demanded to take Thursday off, and I have the guilts. I'm stuffing them down, because I really have such a small amount of work that I haven't done - I can be ready to party after only 3 days of catch-up. It's just a reflex with me. I vow to work very hard Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - so I can relax and regroup on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is my solemn vow.


My mother is once again on my shit list. She calls the other evening, and says she believes my kidlet stole her jewelry box out of her underwear drawer...

Let's just put this into perscpective, shall we?

First of all, my kidlet is not a thief. She's not the type, never has been. Also, due to her OCD - she'd be compelled to tell on herself if she did do anything wrong. (I appreciate that part of her condition more than I can say).

At any rate, I just about came through the phone at my mother for suggesting something so horrifying. I was so angry, I was calm... She called back at 9 p.m., and left a teary message - that she was only "kidding" and she thought it was "funny" that my kidlet would steal... Hell-fucking-Lo???

I had the kidlet call her grandmother. She was awesome. She said "Grandma, I don't know anything about this jewelry box deal. But first, I don't steal, and second, if I did, I wouldn't steal from YOU, my own GRANDMOTHER. But it's okay. I know you forget stuff lately."

I only hope this was a blip on the screen, because I co-sign on her checking and CD accounts... I don't want any "kidding" calls about did I take any money out?


I received copies of the court documents my lawyer sent to the ex-fuckhead. I don't know if he's received his yet. They served him via mail, so I guess it's like when I served him the divorce papers. He signs one of those green cards when he gets the papers. I don't want to get charged an arm and a leg by harassing my lawyer's office to find out if he signed yet - so I just log onto the Superior Court's website and punch in my case number. It shows every piece of paper filed with the court.

I only hope and pray that he continues his usual flaky personality style - and chooses to ignore this paperwork like he ignores everything else. That way, no muss, no fuss - I win by default. I think that just even the wording on the documents will prove to be overwhelming to him. And the idea that he'd have to hire a lawyer, plus buy something appropriate to wear to court (unless he wears that yellow, hawaiian shirt he wore to court for the divorce - YUM), will just be too much for his fragile brain...

I guess we'll know in time.

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