Day one of mad, pre-vacation cleaning dash went pretty well.

I slogged through three piles of paper on my desk, barely passing out with fear of what I'd find that might be overdue or un-fixable.

Only ran into one potential nightmare. The half-million dollar catalog fee that I lost never received. The nightmare is, I cannot simply process the invoice without telling my boss. I believe there is a possibility we're being overcharged by HALF... So, I've decided to somehow take the offensive in this. Start right in with the saving of a quarter-million, and all hurrumphing - so's maybe he'll forget I didn't pay this for about 4 months. It's worth a shot.


Little League district playoffs are going on next door. Oh, sure - it's Americana at its finest. All cute kids in uniform, with hot dogs. Old Glory waving on high...

Mostly, it's just loud, obnoxious noise. I don't know how many more of these games I can freakin' stand.


The kidlet and I both have raging PMS. It's ugly at my house. Gruesome and ugly.


Haven't heard a peep from the ex-fuckhead. Don't know what he's up to. I'd like to say I don't care, but really - I'd LOVE to know. My anxiety level is at about a code Orange... We live on the 2nd floor, and last night, I tried sleeping with the sliding glass door open just a smidge. I kept waking up to every noise. Like he was going to turn into spider man or something, and climb up the wall of the apartment complex, and kill me. Maybe yoga would help...

Great. Now I'm having a hot flash.

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