It's bloody HOT! Not just hot, but sticky hot. I live near the beach, and I can't feel the "off-shore flow" the weatherpersons are always talking about. Why live in California if the weather is going to be this way?

I'll simply have to try and remember how I hated the cold this past winter... Oh yeah. It wasn't cold this winter. We had a couple of weeks of 85 degrees. Hrrrmmmmm...


You think Dubya is fucking around with the rest of the world, while we languish in luxury? Click here to take a look at what he's got in store for the American Worker! I guess we should all prepare to be Serfs or some shit...


Heh. I got an answering machine message from the ex-fuckhead. He received his papers. I swear, he's such a dumbass - he doesn't even seem to know what they are about. As far as I could tell from the message, he thinks I'm simply reducing the vistation from twice a week and certain hoidays - to "as agreed upon by kidlet and ex-fuckhead". He hasn't got a clue about the sole legal and sole physical custody - or what it means to him. He tried to play it off like I was being vindictive. He's all "Is this just about being right?" Um. No. It's about making sure you can't try and harm your daughter by witholding medical care every time you wake up with a hair up your ass... He said it seemed sort of "silly" for me to spend $2500 for a lawyer to do this. Yeah. But if you don't show up to court, Mr. High-and-Mighty - the judge will send a bill for those attorney fees to YOU... Not presently working? Oh well. I'll just have to get them from your wife (the "professional educator" who put those wacky, 'she just needs to respect you as her father, and vote for George Bush' ideas in your noggin)...

He ended his little message with "You never cease to amaze me" Well, when this is all over - and if when I am victorious, I'm going to give him a little voice mail message of my own. Something along the lines of "How do you like me NOW?"

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