Just got back from the yearly (or so) trip to see the Dermatologist. I'm as white as a cotton ball, and all the years I spent lying in the sun, trying to brown - has left its toll on my skin. I get "thingies" frozen off my face, arms and legs periodically. Nothing has turned out to be bad so far.

I did notice a mole on my belly had started looking "off" a few months ago. I think it looks different anyway. A little longer maybe. But then, do they grow with you? I mean, I'm bigger, so maybe my mole got bigger too?

The Derm took a look at it, and noted that it looked "irregular". He asked if I had a family history of melanoma.

Yes. My mother had it about 50 years ago...

"That's gotta come off" he said.

Ewwwww! He told me they would stick a needle in my belly (Rabies shots anyone?) and numb the area. Then, they'd cut all around it, but they wouldn't sew me up! They're gonna let my wound just hang open! That's because if they need to go back and cut more out, if it's all sewn up nicely, they might not know where the bad parts are. This way, I'll just have a big, ugly scar on my tummy. Of course, at my age - I won't be flashing my belly at anyone who doesn't love me desperately anyway.

Hello? God/dess??? Do you think I could get a fucking break already? Isn't it about time for a rest period? Let's count. Crazy kid. Strokey Mother. Court Fight with Crazy Ex-fuckhead. Melanoma-belly... Hey! Pick on somebody else for a while, okay?!!! I need a nap!

Good news. My blood pressure was 120/80. I think that was because I wasn't expecting to have it taken and I didn't have time to freak out about it. HA!

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