Just finished watching the two-disc Led Zeppelin concert DVD. All I can say is WOW!

A co-worker, who recognizes me as a former stoner, loaned it to me over the weekend. I didn't get a chance to sit down and watch it, because it's about 5 hours long. I decided that to be polite, I'd just skip through it tonight.

It Rocked! It Rolled! I am so grateful the I grew up when I did. I listened to that band way back in the day. Led Zeppelin music was a part of every party, every make-out session, through high school and college. They were like the soundtrack to the lives of an entire generation. I'd hate to be young enough to be "discovering" Led Zeppelin, or worse - to never know of them, and continue believing the horseshit that passes for "innovative" music today is really good...

Ahhhhh. Truth be told, it wasn't really the music that got me tonight. It was the joy and wonder of watching Robert Plant, and glimpsing the ever present - yet just beyond reach - Plant Package... Daaaaaamn, it was on display tonight! That guy was the mold from which they created every rock star since 1970. He had it all, baby. Flat belly, perfect, perfect ass, the aforementioned package, poured into tight, hip-hugging denims. And he had THE greatest hair EVER! I wanted that hair!

This girl's gonna sleep good tonight. With visions of plums - but not the sugar kind, dancing through my head. If you get my drift...

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