Tonight at 5 p.m., my ex-fuckhead will be in my red-faced, Irishman lawyer's office, signing a "Stipulation and Order re: Modification & Visitation", which means he agrees to my being awarded sole legal and sole physical custody of the kidlet. Further, he agrees that visitation shall be upon the consent of ex-fuckhead and kidlet, as they mutually agree upon.

This means - WE WON!!!!! And I don't have to go to court, or mediation, or that stupid parenting class! Woo Hoo!!!

I guess he either realized I had him dead to rights, and going to court would be expensive and fruitless for him - or he just didn't really care as much as I thought he did.

At any rate, I'm relieved and I think I'll sleep very well tonight.

Next week, after the papers get filed in court, I'm going to have kidlet write her dad a letter thanking him for putting her welfare first. And also, mentioning to him that she believes (she does, actually) that they should enter counseling/mediation together in order to improve their relationship.


Tonight, however - it's the steak, chicken and shrimp combo at the local seafood grill! Nothing says "victory" like dead animal flesh!

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