I feel very relaxed today. It's as if all this hubbub from the past few months is really gone - in my head too. I actually slept last night, probably for the first time in weeks.

I was convinced by the kidlet to go to our local Italian eatery for a big-assed bowl of pasta with meat sauce, and afterward, we hit Barnes & N0ble. I purchased a summer read "The Quality of Life Report" by Meghan Daum. It's about a New York television reporter who is assigned to set up shop in a small midwestern town, in order to report on methamphetamines being abused by local housewives. Of course her life changes dramatically... I figure, this is perfect for moi, as I'm always threatening to leave Southern California for a quieter, apple-pie sort of existence. At any rate, I'm looking forward to being able to concentrate on something - anything - other than some stupid court case, or the next time the phone rings will it be that nutcase calling.

Looks to be a hot, muggy weekend. I'm going to go put on some old, fat lady shorts and take the dog out for a crap.

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