If you don't hear from me for a while, it's cause I've been blowed up...

The Mobil/Exxon refinery across town is shooting flames high into the sky, and making really loud percussive noises. This has been going on for about half an hour.

Good news is, if it blows, I'll never need to go to my office again. My office is practically in the refinery's back yard.

Woo Hoo!!

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to be in my attorney's office, signing the agreement that awards physical and legal custody of the kidlet to me. I think I'll hit Star*ucks after - as a treat.

Found out about yesterday's shooting. Seems some punk tried to carjack a Mercedes from a guy who'd been working out at the gym. A local police SUV crashed into the back of the car - nobody is saying whether it was deliberate, or if the carjacker just couldn't figure out how to drive the Mercedes. The cop shot the punk in the leg (7 shots and he only winged him? Where'd the other 6 bullets get to?) At any rate, everyone will live.

Geez. That noise is freaking me out!

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