Very interesting insight yesterday. I was listening to that gassbag, Dr. Laura whilst driving back to work from lunch. She was trying to get some poor caller to love herself. Imagine that? Dr. Laura actually trying to help somebody. At any rate, this caller must have touched a nerve with the good doctor, because she confided in the audience that she has always been jealous of Christians, because Christians truly believe that Jesus loves them, but that in all her journey, she's never felt that God loved her...

So this explains her desperate need to find a rule to follow in each situation, and how everything is so cut and dry - no room for grey areas. This is right! That is wrong!

Even though she has a God in her life - that God doesn't appear to be able to love and understand her - no margin for error - no forgiveness...

I feel sorry for her. Poor thing. What's the point of believing in a God who just sits and judges, without love and care? What kind of inner voices must she hear, with that kind of cold-hearted diety watching over her?

No wonder she gives such sucky, judgemental advice...

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