I wonder if the big-assed divit on my belly is infected...

This thing is UUUUUUGLY! It's the size of a dime, and about 1/4" deep. I look like I have two belly buttons. One normal, and one all gooey looking. Last night the kidlet wanted to see my wound. I showed her and she screamed!

I wonder if it's infected, because here it is, the third day after "surgery", and there's a red ring around it. Maybe that's from where the doctor cauterized it and it's just burned all to shit.

I mean, how could it get infected, anyway? I'm so clean! Plus, I douse it twice a day with hydrogen peroxide (ewwwww, you haven't lived until you've had foam coming out of your belly hole...) and then I put Polysporin on it. Lots of Polysporin.

I saw a documentary about a guy who had surgery, but they accidentally left a surgical instrument inside him. He got that "flesh eating bacteria" from it. His whole belly had to be cut up, and left open to heal without sutures. I don't think I'll ever be the same after seeing that.


In honor of my new calmer life (post-legal hassles, etc., and kidlet doing much better) I celebrated at "Michaels" craft store. Yes, I invested in a beginners Stamping book and some brush pens.

Wow! I made some adorable cards with pretty stampings on them! It's so easy, and I didn't screw it up! Now I have something new to do whilst kidlet is in Maine. Must find LOTS of things to do so my head won't run about her falling in a blueberry patch and being attacked by killer bees - or a bear - or getting hijacked by terrorist bastards on her way to Bangor...

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