The kidlet dragged me to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" last evening.

Wow! That movie was fun! From beginning to end, just great fun!

Best part?

Johnny Depp... in EYE LINER! Hubba Hubba Hubba!

My poor daughter is having a bad time grieving her relationship with the ex-fuckhead. She doesn't miss him, the crazy him...she misses the daddy she used to have a couple years ago - before the crazies got him.

She misses the way they would spontaneously do stuff together. Go to strange places, like the cemetery, or an empty church. How they both like to watch movies 5 times in a row, and how I'm too logical and don't do that sort of stuff.

I really feel for her, and I hate that bastard all the more for going crazy on her. I'm going to try to be more casual in my approach to fun... Not necessarily seeing movies 5 times, because that's just expensive and my head might explode from the repetition. But I will try and be less rigid, or whatever my particular weakness is. But it's not going to be the same for her, no matter what I try and do. I'm not her daddy...

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