Child called. She arrived safely in "Hooterville" Maine.

They didn't even know there was a power outage. She almost missed her flight from Cincinnati, but didn't. Yay! She seems quite unfazed about flying so high in the sky. I guess freaking out about flying is a me thing. Good!

Reggie and I have settled into a nice routine already. He goes for a walk and a poop at 7:30 a.m., noon and 5:30 p.m. and a pre-bed pee at 10 p.m. We throw and catch the ball 50,000 times during the evening, and basically share my dinner.

This evening, I called the local cops on some juvenile delinquents who were lighting firecrackers by the dugout and snack bar of the little league field. I was worried that the buildings might catch fire, because these little a-holes were throwing their firecrackers near them. I called at 8:00. The cops finally drove up at 8:30. About 2 minutes after the kids had finished their fun and split.

Next time, I'll just wait and call the fire department...

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