Heh...heh...heh. The worm is beginning to turn.

The inter-board rebellion concerning him, her and her ilk has begun. And I had nothing to do with it!

Sometimes it's just fun to sit back and watch nature take its course.



It's a beautiful day. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm sitting in my dining room office, watching and listening to the crows throwing a fit, because there is a big red-tailed hawk sitting in our tree. He's a fat bird, too. I'll bet he's cut down the crow population by quite a bit.


We still need to go to the mall and find the kid 3 more pairs of pants before school begins on Monday. Actually, we don't have to go. She's got pants. I could put this off for a few days, and simply enjoy the rest of my Saturday. Yeah. That's the ticket.

Besides, I have to do some heavy-duty historical research on the net.

Yesterday at the business meeting, I had the unpleasant experience of being surrounded by 3 or 4 salesmen, who listen to Fox News for their information.

Apparently, there is a movement afoot, to re-write how history is viewed concerning religion, and the intent of the forefathers when this country was founded.

Looks like I'm going to be forced to study American History again. This time I'll have to pay attention...

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