Got my yearly review this morning. RAVES, I tell ya! They LOVE me! Went on and on about how I'm efficient, and independent, self-motivated (I think my boss said "fuckable" but I didn't ask him to repeat it...)

My head should be spinning, but it's not.

See. I don't DO any real work, ya know. I mostly dick around on the internet all day, and then cram my work into last minute nervous breakdowns. My work habits have fallen even farther then Dubya's approval rating.

I don't care anymore. There's no point to all this work.

Plus, I only got the "max" .35 cents an hour raise.

Whoop de frickin' DO!

(Although, if you want to look at the bright side - our company president said compared to our competitors, we're doing miraculously well in the market place - and that things look like they're turning around. Combine that with my wonderful review - and I'm looking at some serious job security.

Plus - my gigantic .35 cents raise, puts me back into the place I was before I had to take that loan against my 401K, to pay for the attorney against the Ex. So that's good too...)

Fuck it. Maybe I'll stay here after all. I'd better clean my office, huh?

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