But I do have a question:

How is it that an intelligence community that could find a terrorist's completely intact passport amidst rubble of two multi-story buildings that had burned at such high heat, the human beings trapped inside them were turned into ash... how is it that after two years, they cannot find the 6 foot tall, internationally famous, alleged mastermind??????

I'm just askin'

And because I'm not watching any of the coverage, or listening to it on the radio, I will ask if anyone who does, notes there being a tendency to blame Saddam for the tragedy. I'm betting they try.

I'm just sayin'

I hate feeling this depressed over the state of my country. I hate the feeling that even if they vote jerk-off out next election, the mess he's made of us - here and around the globe, will take decades to repair.

Oh, and one other thing I thought of this morning. Dubya's daddy is awfully quiet these days. I was under the impression he's NOT HAPPY with his son's playmates. I wonder if he's feeling at all responsible for raising such an idiot.

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