So sad about John Ritter. Gosh, it was only about 3 months ago, I was sitting next to him, and we were rubbing our thighs together like a couple of fat crickets...

It's weird how certain people will affect your life. He was on that dumbass show "Three's Company", and EVERYONE watched it. That dumbass show was a HUGE part of the '70's. I remember John Ritter from those Cerebral Palsy telethons he'd do each year with Henry Winkler. It seemed like each year, John Ritter's wife was pregnant, and I used to think all they did was have sex and do telethons.

It just seems cosmically unfair, that there are nasty, bad, hateful people wandering around in perfectly good health - and there are people who are suffering daily, or dying by inches - sometimes crying out to die - yet they don't... And then there are people like John Ritter - who just leave.

Whoa. Too heavy this morning.


I'm really, really digging the tom-tom beats regarding a possible Dean/Clark team in the 2004 election.


Two ethical, intelligent, good looking men who look as if they could grind Shrub into sawdust!

*Please, dear Jesus...*

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