Okay, wait. There's something wrong with the universe again.

Yesterday, I ate one oatmeal breakfast bar - a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, 10 fat-free baked ruffles - a small dinner salad and a bowl of soup - and good 'n plenty's. I attended an hour-long nightclub line dancing class, where I sweated nearly TO DEATH. This morning, I weighed myself, and I'd GAINED half a pound. I have to ask God at this point: WTF???

The dance class was really fun! The only "comedy factor" was me, trying to learn those extremely easy steps and nearly killing myself and those around me in the process... Margot Fonteyn I'm not. But it's fabulous exercise and if I could take more than one class per week, I surely would.


Bit of a mini-drama going on here at the apartments. See, there's this really nice, good looking, divorced business owner man (yep...) who has been living here for a year or so. He and I have said hello nearly every day, and have engaged in very minor chit-chat. He's never given me the impression he was interested, and I don't date by choice, so I never thought about him that much, really - until my kid started saying things to me, like "I wish N was my stepdad", and "You should date N!" (this from a child who went absolutely apeshit if I even talked to a man on the telephone). See, she and N have a friendship. They like each other, and she walks his dog sometimes. He contributes financially to all of her charitable and social causes. He tells me he thinks she's a great kid.

At any rate, a couple of months ago, a woman moved into this building. She's a tiny little thing. Un-natural blonde. She's got 3 kids living with her in a one-bedroom apartment. Two older boys (14 and 13) who look like they will end up in prison. Honestly, the younger one appears to be hearing voices. Since they've been living here, we've had thefts from the laundry room and vandalism. Gee. Coincidence? From what I could see, this woman was married to one of the meanest drunks I'd ever laid eyes on. He reminded me of some of my dad's old friends from the bar.

To recap: She's separated from a drunk, she's got 3 kids in a one-bedroom apartment, there's a handsome self-employed, nice man living upstairs... My kidlet has seen her sitting on N's sofa as she passed by with our dog.

I think she's shopping for a new daddy for her 3 derilict kids.

Okay, punchline. Last evening, I was walking Reggie, and when I came back to the building, N was walking his dog. He said "Hi" to me, and asked how I was doing. Jesus! The woman came running out on her porch, the minute she heard our voices! I walked by her, and gave her the sweetest smile, and said hello...

See. I used to live near a woman with two kids. She was a horrible slob. She had a service pay her bills for her because she couldn't get it together to pay them on time herself. She lost her keys, credit cards, toddler - she was helpless and needy, and a string of men came and went through her life and the lives of her children.

This woman lived next door to a successful, divorced man. A neat freak, who despised her bitterly. He thought she was low. He couldn't stand her kids.

He ended up married to her...

So. Even though I'm not dating for two more years, I can't take the idea of a stupid, helpless, "can't make it without a man" kind of woman - get her creepy life entwined with my nice (future boyfriend?) neighbor! By the time I get my hands on him, he'll probably have cooties.

Must get to plotting.

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