Fun Google hit: "absolutely had to pee"

The ACLU is going to be asking for my card back. I can't believe I almost tried to get my daughter's school to allow a "religious" club to be started.

That being my daughter's "Pagan Awareness Club", which she's been planning since last year.

Did I once even notice it was a religious club? Nope.

Did we almost take it to the Administration before I noticed? Uh-huh...

[Sidebar]There is a gigantic club called "Students for Christ", but they are "not school sponsored". They meet on school grounds. They have a faculty member present at all functions. They hold school dances. They tack big banners to the sides of buildings, and they use the school P.A. system to blast Christian Rock, but they are NOT "school sponsored". In my discussions with school officials, I was given the impression that these Students for Christ members had parents who bring attorneys any time they are refused anything, and the school feels a bit strong-armed by the whole deal[/Sidebar]

After much hue and cry and hysteria on the kid's part - and much embarrassment on mine, the kid opted to create a Halloween-type club that sounds ever so much more fun, as well as being Constitutionally acceptable, and relatively hassle-free.

While I was ready to go to the mat for an equally "non-school sponsored" club, she said she was okay with it, as she couldn't really figure out how to have the Pagan club be fun week after week, anyway. Vampires and ghosts are always a good time.


Have you been watching CSPAN lately? I'm not sure what bill that pin head, Rick Santorum is trying to get passed, but it had something to do with overturning Roe v. Wade. I have to wonder about the childhoods of some of our leaders today. What kind of family dynamic creates these neo-fascists? Why do they like to keep their hair so ungodly short? Where are their upper lips? 'Tis a mystery.

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