I can say with all certainty that I will not be participating in this year's NaNoWriMo I have decided that this year I will not give myself that kind of pressure, only to quit before finishing. I'm not a finisher by nature. Why push it at my age?


I nearly had to pull my car off the road yesterday while listening to my arch-nemesis, Dr. Laura.

She and I go back so far that I pretty much have her monthly cycle committed to memory. She was PMS'ing pretty badly yesterday, and her hormones, combined with her insanity brought about this little gem:

A listener had written her a letter regarding the French Connection (FCUK) clothing line. Apparently, this cleverly logo'd label used to be available only in adult sizes, and only in high-falootin' department stores. Now, I guess you can get it at Target, and in youthful sizes. (I haven't checked to see if toddlers can wear the FCUK line or not).

Anyhoo, Dr. Laura was horrified that kids might be wearing labels that said FCUK on them. She immediately called for picketers to hit the streets! Rallying her minions in a show of good moral strength against these foul-mouthed clothiers!!

That was funny enough. But the kicker was this...

She said that the (and I'm paraphrasing here - but pretty damned close to a quote) 'the ultimate goal of liberal philosophy is to make children sexually available to adults'...

BWAAAAAH! Like a vote for Dean is a vote for pederasty!

She's a pip, that one. A reeeeeaaal pip!

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