Hazzah! This week, I not only lost the pounds I gained last week from starving myself, I lost ANOTHER pound - from EATING MORE! (Bless you Thomas!) Hell, I even had a scoop of ice cream with hot fudge on top.

I've increased the exercise. Two 20 minute walks with Reggie per day, plus the whole line-dancing class on Friday nights. Last night, after class, I had to walk Reggie. Well, Reggie looked like he'd really like to run - so we ran! It felt really good, and I noticed I could go farther before I got all out of breath this time. Hmmmmmm. Excercise. What a concept.

Have I mentioned the comparison I came up with between line dancing and oral sex? No? Oh yeah. Very similar. Because, once you get past what it is you are actually *doing* - they're both pretty fun.

I have one problem with the line dancing. Perhaps it will take care of itself in time, but I find I tend to perspire whilst line dancing. I've checked out the other 95 women and 5 men. None of them drip sweat like me. I'm like freakin' Whitney Houston out there! Even the huge, fat lady next to me wasn't sweating as badly as I was. How am I, when I am again a petite flower, going to find me a hot, sexy cowboy, if I'm slinging perspiration all over the dance floor? I don't like to sweat. Even during sex, it's kind of squicky. Perhaps when I figure out how to the steps without being a danger to myself and others, the sweating will diminish somewhat.

So, we're off tooling around town. I need to get to the book store and look up some stuff to argue with that fundie sales guy from my office. He's taken to trying to save my eternal soul, and it's getting on my nerves.

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