It seems the bug-a-boo with the "Do Not Call List" is the denial of for-profit companies calling, and the allowance of not-for-profit companies (ie charities) to call...

Since when is it any less annoying and disturbing to have the Benevolent Order of Peace Officers, or the VFW, or some church group you don't belong to - call and harrass you?

Why did they leave that loop-hole in the bill?

I believe I should have the right to give out my phone number to people and organizations I want to call me. I believe it's invasion of my privacy, when some ya-hoo calls me without invitation.

I don't care if it's an insurance company or the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet.


I think we may have gotten this club business figured out. I'm crossing my fingers at any rate.

Seems the school is delighted to have a gothic club. Problem was my daughter made it all about her, and her ego. She irritated the activities director and the teacher who was planning to sponsor the club.

I talked to the AD and the kid, and sort of smoothed the waters. I got the kid ready to listen to a fine offer from the school. They want the Gothic fans to join up with the Science Fiction club that already exists. Instead of meeting twice a month, they will meet 4 times a month - twice for Sci-Fi, and twice for Goth. The teacher who is the sponsor, is a Trekkie and her boyfriend is a Goth. She loves the whole idea. There is opportunity for cross-overs, and new friends to be made. If the new club takes off, perhaps they can split off next year.

Only drawback. The Sci-Fi club already has a president... Hopefully, they will be able to figure out something "important" for my kid to do, so she doesn't feel like she's been shafted.


Last night at 10:50, I put the trash outside the apartment. I noticed a tiny little square of paper stuck to the door. The paper had writing on it. The writing said "New door on 9/26"

GAAAAAAAAAAAAA! People were coming in a few hours to install a new front door on my apartment, and my apartment was a stye! I began cleaning up the mess on my coffee table (arts and crafts and coffee cups - oh my!) - hauled a bunch of crap out of the long front hall, and prepared to vaccuum in the morning. I hope everything goes well, and that Reggie - who is safely locked in his room - doesn't bark and carry on while they're working.

Other than those worries, I'm very excited about my new door! It's going to be so pretty, and warm for winter. No more being able to see daylight around the edges.

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