Last night, I ate a gigantic plate of spaghetti with meat sauce, two slices of garlic bread, bowl of vegetable soup and a tossed green salad with ranch dressing - and... spumoni for dessert.

Afterward, I was so full, I thought I might die or blow up.

It was awesome!

I didn't gain an ounce and I was sorely in need of carbohydrate comfort food.

We had a particularly rough day, involving the kidlet phoning the suicide hot-line because I had asked her to do her homework at home... I placed a call to her psychiatrist. He said that kids like mine, who have weird mood disorders sometimes have a hard time transitioning between summer and school (or anything for that matter). He recommeded that I tell her I would like her to do her homework, but if she chooses not to, and she gets bad grades, that will be between her and her teachers. Hopefully she'll be able to figure out the correlation between work ethic and good grades... I suppose he's right. She is old enough to choose her path. Plus this whole theory sounds so relaxing.

I talked about it with the kid last evening over spaghetti. She said she'd be happy to do her homework at home.

'M-kay then.

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