Heh. Did my heart good to leave a little love note in this sweet young thing's diary. Don't let the slack-jawed yokels get you down Pandionna Even Jesus had to take his share of b.s.


Today I went to the doctor to have the pain in my neck looked at. For about 3 weeks, whenever I yawn, I get a pain in the front of my neck. I kept thinking it was in my head, or a muscle I'd pulled. The doctor said she didn't know quite what to make of it, but it might be a thyroid nodule. She told me to get some lab work done tomorrow, and to have a thyroid ultrasound as well. I'm getting that done on the 22nd. Hopefully it's just a lymph node with attitude. Although, if it is a thyroid problem, and they have to destroy my thyroid and put me on those pills, I could get real skinny...


Got the "Scarface" DVD last night. "Say hello to my leeetle friend"... Ahh. It's a classic.


Tomorrow, after the lab and St*rbucks, it's off to the beach. The weather should be perfect. Cool and foggy... I LOVE the fall.

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