I'm AWESOME! I'm also exhausted from my week.

I did the first catalog review of the year. It's finished and put to bed. Only 3 more to go, and if they turn out to be as easy as this one was - Whoopee!

I also got a lot of necessary documentation gathered for a bi-yearly scream-fest at the office. The President yells at the Credit Managers and the Vice President yells at the Credit Managers and the Credit Managers go out side and smoke and cry. I think one of these years we're going to have a death from this meeting.

It's all a stupid game, really. They act like they didn't see these debit memos coming in all year long, and now - the freakin' sky is gonna fall because they did! He-lloooooo? Where were you all year? Didn't you read the Chargeback reports?


In other news, I'm enjoying my new, fancy coffee maker (I bought with the 'thank-you' money my mother gave me earlier this week.) It make a cup of coffee as smooth as a baby's butt... And the coffee is ready when I awaken. That's such a beautiful thing.

Tomorrow, I'm loading up the Nikon with black and white film, and trudging next door to take photos of the gigantic concrete pipes they're laying for the storm drain. The way the pipes are laid out, they'll make a wonderful leading line through the shot. I hope there's some decent light.

Well, Yee-Haw. It's off to Line-Dancing class...

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