Godawful weird day yesterday.

Felt hung-over from lack of sleep, so I couldn't quite get it together for anything constructive. I mean, that was actually nice. I sat by the window, and enjoyed the breeze and the cool air. I watched some television and played on-line a bit.

I think our doggie was owned by a baseball fan before he got to us. I was watching the Yankees/Red Sox game (normally I don't watch baseball, but it's the playoffs). Reggie came bounding out of the back bedroom, jumped up on the sofa (which he's not allowed to do), curled up next to me with his head on my thigh - and watched the game! I couldn't get over it.

I did have to go out to do some grocery shopping for my mother. I thought the supermarke strike had begun, so I went to a non-union shop near her home. I spied the Mayor of our town, helping himself to some free cheese from the deli section. I swear, he stood there for about 10 minutes, just eating cheese!

Now for the creepy part of my day... I took my mother's groceries in, and we chit-chatted for a bit. She mentioned that she needed me to transfer some funds from her checking account, to her savings account, as she had just deposited $10,000 into the checking account from the sale of her 1989 Nissan Sentra... I'm all "mom, it wasn't ten-thousand, it was ONE thousand". She insisted it was $10,000! I couldn't get her to change her mind, and it scared me... First, because of course it's unreal and horrible to have your mom go all alzheimers on you - but secondly, I handle her money - and I thought, what if she get's all paranoid and starts thinking I'm ripping her off or something? I rummaged through my purse and thank God I had the receipt for the $1,000 deposit. I showed it to her, and then I had to go to the drug store to pick up some Tylenol I had forgotten. I needed a walk after that little scene. When I got back, I asked her if she remembered, and she said "Don't worry honey. I'm only gonna get worse..."

I slept for 12 hours last night. During which time, I dreamed that my daughter's best friend had died. I had to go to her mother's house and comfort her - plus she had my laundry.


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