Called and hollered at my doctor's receptionist. I told her to let my doctor know that if the Radiologist hadn't responded to her - I would be happy to call over to the hospital, and believe me - when I got through - the radiologist would be calling her back today! I added that for the radiologist to leave me sitting here for nearly a week - was not only unprofessional - it was indecent!

30 minutes later, my doctor called me.

Turns out, she had requested that a Neuro-Radiologist read the films as a second opinion. The Neuro-Radiologist hasn't been over to the hospital yet - to read the films, but she's going there tomorrow. I told my doctor that whatever the opinion of the Neuro-Radiologist, I'd really prefer to have the MRI done anyway - just to get a better idea of what was going on. (I've done a little research, and most people who have stuff growing in their heads, get a better reading from an MRI).

My doctor said that if the Neuro-Radiologist didn't get back to her tomorrow, we'd just go with the MRI anyway.

Sheesh. You just gotta bust chops to get anything done!

Then she told me that my thyroid ultrasound came back, and I did have a very small thyroid nodule. She wants to check on it again in 6 months. (I suppose it means that if I'm still alive for the re-check in 6 months - I don't have the very deadliest form of thyroid cancer which usually kills its victims in about 4 months.) That's something to look forward to, huh?


In better news, I have officially lost ten pounds! And I'm eating more food than I have in years. Go figure...

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