I've begun looking into the possibility of "enrolling" the kid in an independent study program.

To put it bluntly - we've given school eleven good years. She's not thriving. In fact, she's hit the wall - and so have I...

If she were younger, I wouldn't even consider this. But she's already passed the California High School Exit Exam, taken almost all of the required courses (she lacks this year's Social Studies, next year's Government and the last two years of English) All the rest of her classes for the next two years would be electives.

She is horribly unahppy in a school setting. She's given up even trying to learn. If I were in charge of her curriculum, I'd do things like, take her to the art museum and have her find a painter she admired. Do a research paper on the painter - examine the style, influences, home life, successes, failures - really dig deep. Explain why this artist's work moved her... I think she'd get a much better lesson from me - than from some teacher who is mandated to go through a list of artists and barely touch the surface of them all.

She could learn how her government functions by observing debates and watching bills go through the House - on freakin' CSPAN. She could tell me who's who and what they say - where they're from. She could learn procedure, voting - all that stuff.

At any rate, we're thinking about this and we're weighing our options.

The whole ISP racket - IS a racket too. There are "schools" who, for $200, will keep your records, and give you a diploma, a school ID card and a YEARBOOK!

I even emailed with a man, who has a "school" where you pay him $240, and the "student" creates a portfolio, listing all their academic studies, their goals for the future, life experiences, and WHY THEY NEED THEIR DIPLOMA EARLY... After they give him this information - he gives them their diploma. He says it's all legal too.....

I'm telling you. I'm giving consideration to creating my own little Independent Study Program. I can see it now. All those $250's just floating in. Cash, check or money-order... "Mistress Milkmaid's School of Higher Learnin'"

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