I sorta scabbed at an Albertsons market last night. That makes twice. As a union sympathizer, I suck big time.

The first time we crossed the picket line, my mother had just phoned me with one of her *emergency* pudding requests. She just had to have some pudding or she'd die! And I was feet from a Pavillions, picking up the kid from a used book store. What can I say? I collapsed at the thought of all that food, conveniently nearby. No driving all over creation to find that one non-striking market. No pushing and shoving my way through a crowd of people I didn't care about - only to be forced to purchase price-gouged pudding...

Inside the market, the lights were twinkling. There was music. All the food was right where I remembered it had been... I'm soooo ashamed!

After that first, sweet taste of grocery store magic - I was hooked. I couldn't get enough. So, last night, I crept into my Albertsons and used the pharmacy! And I didn't stop there either - no siree! I purchased $18.88 worth of food for my mother! I felt so awful, I sneaked out another door, and walked the entire length of the parking lot so the strikers wouldn't see that I'd shopped.

I took my mother's stuff over to her, and then I hit the Ralphs! (Of course, news broke yesterday that the strikers were working on a deal with Ralphs - so it was okay to shop there). I tell ya. It was glorious to be in a super market and not feel like I should be wearing a glasses/mustache combo on my face...


Tonight, we hit Kohls for the 50% off sale. Jammies. We got warm, winter jammies at half price. $92 worth of half priced jammies. Hmmmmm. That's not much of a deal, is it? Oh yeah. We also got a rug for the kitchen and some footie socks and a toy for the kid's cousin. That's better.


Speaking of the kid - she had a head pain today and she wasn't wearing her glasses. So, I guess my theory about the pain being related to the glasses has been shot to hell. Scary. I'm just going to remember that I'm the only one panicking here. And even if it turns out to be something bad, there's a lot of bad that doesn't end in tragedy. I just wish this new insurance company would get off its ass and approve the MRI. (Of course, I was reading the manual today, and it stated that if there was a life-or-death emergency, and approval was needed to save the patient's life - they would give the approval in less than 72 hours. Ha. Less than 72 hours. I feel so much better now...)

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