Fuckity fuck fuck!!!

Was ignored by my insurance company after emailing them yesterday, so I gave them a little phone call. Guess what? They don't give approvals for MRI's - my doctor's group does.... So, I called the patient care office at the medical facility and was informed that their computer says my daughter's insurance exprired on 10/31/03. Yeessssss, I know that. That's why I faxed over a copy of her new card and then followed up with a phone call to make sure the doctor GOT the information. I was assured they had received it. I also phoned last Friday to find out how things "were going". Fine. Just takes a few days to get an approval...

EXCEPT THE FUCKWITS NEVER UPDATED THE INSURANCE INFORMATION IN THE COMPUTER!! I was so angry, I could barely see straight! I had to give all the information over the phone to a complete monkey. A monkey who never once said "I'm sorry". A monkey with attitude...

I suppose this teaches me a lesson. Whenever I want something done, I shouldn't call or fax or follow up. I should just DO IT MYSELF.

God, I am still just so pissed off!

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