We have an appointment for an MRI at last!

I had to call the doctor and educate her on how to get things done quickly. Sheesh! What a nerd. I suppose that's where being an Administrative Assistant type person comes in handy over being a physician. They don't know how do do stuff in the real world. Like encourage clerks to move their asses.

Anyway, while they're doing their part - I got to call the hospital and set up an appointment. Which they didn't have an opening for until the freakin' 28th of November. You know, until I 'encouraged' them to look again... And now, we're set up for this coming Thursday at 9:40 p.m.. I don't care. We're in and we're going to find out something soon.


I spoke to a relatively good looking man last evening. He lives in my building. I'm pretty sure he's not married. He drives a nice truck. (truck?? - whatever). And he struck up a mini-convo with me as I was taking out the trash. So, until my future husband in apartment 20 has exhausted himself with the stalker-whore in apartment 1, I don't have to feel so left out of things...


I thought it might be fun to make home-made fried chicken for dinner yesterday.

Note to self. NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

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