I need a plumber... I really screwed up this time. Ehrrrghhhh.

My kitchen sink clogged again so I drowned it with Liquid Plumber and when that didn't work, I decided to snake it. Well that was going splendedly, until I started screwing around with the snake and ran it up into the other pipe (the one that goes into the other sink). I don't know why I did it. It was there. I was bored. Anyway. The curly end of the snake is now sticking up out of the drain in my sink. Just sticking up. Stuck...

Now I have to clean my apartment, take the day off from work and wait for a plumber to fix the mess I created.

Well, I've been meaning to take a vacation day. Ehrrrghhh...


The kid finally - FINALLY sent away for an enrollment form at the independent study program, homeschoolin' place.

I can't wait. This afternoon, I got a call from her counselor. Apparently, the kid had made an off-hand remark to one of the student teachers. Something along the lines of "If I don't get to leave this school, I'll kill myself". Of course the teacher had no clue - so he reported it to the counselor as a possible suicide threat. The kid said she didn't even remember saying it (because she says it 57.5 times a day!). I assured the counselor that the kid was not suicidal (I've seen her suicidal - she's not) and then she put the kid on the phone. I was sort of pissed off, because I have a lot on my plate kid-wise right now, and I don't need her adding to my list. I told her that if she was suicidal, she should tell us and we could admit her to a hospital. Otherwise, she should ix-nay on the et-thrays because I didn't have time for it... She took the phone away from her ear and said to the counselor "See. When I say I want to kill myself, my mother says she doesn't have time for it"

Kid and mom had a little 'come to Jesus' meeting after I got home from work...

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