Gosh, oh golly gee. I was sitting right here in this spot a few hours ago, when I heard a cacaphony...cacophany... assload of noise outside. It seems two drivers were trying to pass one another in the tiny space outside my window. One of the drivers was an Asian woman (that part becomes important later) and the other was the daughter of the assistant manager. The assistant manager's daughter is a skanky ho with bleached blonde hair and a boyfriend who drives around in a convertable corvette, looking very much like a wise guy. She was screeching like a harpy about how the Asian woman almost ran into her and whatnot. Loud. Lots of "fucking" this and "gook" that... Classy stuff.

So, me being the Mrs. Kravits of the building, I looked out to see what was happening. As the skank drove by my window, she looked up and yelled "and FUCK YOU! You want to come out?"

Hell yes I wanted to come out.

Just as I hit the outside, the Asian woman arrived on the scene. There was a whole lot of yelling - mostly by skank woman. The handyman guy came by to break them up, and when I yelled down, demanding to know why skank woman said "fuck you" to ME, she denied even doing it!

Well, I slammed my door hard enough to break things. I stewed, and I steamed... Say "Fuck you" to ME, willya???!!

Then, I realized I would get nowhere acting like a mini-skank. I decided I would take this up with the manager, in a day or so. I have to call her about another matter anyway. I would be very calm, and more or less a victim. An innocent victim of the skank-ho's foul and shocking verbal assault *clutches pearls* I mean, how can decent people expect to live in such a nice apartment in this beautiful area, when their very neighbors are a threat????

Heh. Say "Fuck You" to ME, willya?

November 23, 2003

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