I'm nearly certain I have come down with the dreaded Fijii Flu. You know, the deadly strain of flu virus that wasn't covered in the flu shot we all dutifully went out and got. Gee. That's great.

I've had the most awful chills, headache, malaise, irritability and post nasal drip, causing me to cough and hork. I think I got it at Disneyland. We went there on Saturday, along with about a million other fools - most of them being the unvaccinated kind...

We had a perfect day at D-Land though. Lovely weather, the park was decorated for Christmas to a fare-thee-well. We drank hot chocolate ($5!!)and ate and looked at all the other people and shopped and walked until our joints cried out in pain. And the Haunted Mansion (the only ride we went on) was decked out like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" It was AWESOME.

So yeah. I'm violently ill now. Had to leave work at lunchtime, and spent the remainder of the day on the sofa watching Judge Hatchett, Divorce Court and Judge Judy.

The good news is - my SINK IS FIXED!!! Woo hoo! I guess the problem is the pipes in this building are really bad. The plumber showed me one he replaced from under my kitchen sink. It was so corroded and full of black gunk, nothing could go through it. He says the whole building is like that, but the owner won't repipe. He told me to be very careful if I put anything down the garbage disposal. Yeah. Like I'm going to use that again real soon.

Must go lie down again. Need rest.

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