So, there was good news associated with the Fijii Flu.

1. I got sent home from work today - with pay. I swear, when I walked down the hall, people would dive into offices to avoid me. So they sent me home. Yippee!

2. I've lost four pounds since Monday. I suppose from the fever, which has got to kick up one's metabolism quite a bit. That and the only surviving on wheat toast and water for 3 days. I've just got to figure out a way to keep them off...


Tonight I found myself in the middle of a shit-storm on the QAF board. My co-admin and I were discussing via email, whether to turn on the "who's on line" feature. A hotly debated topic which has recently re-reared its ugly head. Anyhoo, I didn't think, and I told him whatever he wanted to do - if the votes remained tied - I'd back him. So, he posted that we'd decided to leave it off. Shit! There were stident, screeching, pushy folks demanding to know why there wasn't a group meeting about all of this.

I did inadvertently mis-represent our responsibilities to my co-admin. However, I never thought he'd go blabbing it on the board... Plus, I don't like being bitched at, and demanded from - by people who are determined to stomp their feet and carry on until their demands are met. Pisses me right off in fact.

Much written hollering has ensued...

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