The Kid has the Fijii flu...

She's sick as a parrot.

Good thing is she's slept for most of the weekend. So, I got to putter around in the quietood. I made a meatloaf. Did some laundry, walked the dog 3 times... Munched on popcorn. Saw "Khandahar" and "Angels in America" - both of which were amazing.

I kept meaning to bake something, but I just couldn't get organized or interested for some reason. Maybe tomorrow after work.

I had a funny conversation with my mother. See, she'd been trying to phone us for a couple of days and between the kid being on-line in her room, or me being on-line out here in my dining room office, or us forgetting to plug the phone jack back in when we log off - she got to wondering what would happen if she croaked over, and managed to press her "I've fallen and I can't get up" button. How would they reach me?

I'm all "Mom. If you croak over, they'll call 911 to rescue you. They're not going to call Me to race over and save you!" She's all. "Oh. I wondered how that would work".

She's a pip, that one.

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