My kid is driving me nuts today. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle being off work, and in close proximity with her for six days.

It's like this: She gets some hairbrained theory going. Something so stupid, it doesn't even bear a comment.

Like tonight. She's convinced herself that certain ethnic groups are all the bad things people say they are. She comes running out of her room, hollering all this.

I tell her she's completely wrong.

She's all "You telling me that doesn't help. I need to figure this out for myself".


I go about my business, and then she's mad at me because I don't feel like sitting down and hashing out her stupid theory for a freakin' hour on a Saturday night. Can't tell her anything, yet she won't let me go.

This, after having my blood pressure elevated at the bank, while opening a savings account for her - she acted like a total dork - and then during lunch at Cafe Nordstrom, she acted like a complete dork - and of course, on the drive home from our shopping excursion - she acted like an absolute dork - by throwing a fit because WE live on a budget and her friends (and fucking Ally Hillfiger oh, how I hate that show... can buy whatever she wants and people come to the house to do her bidding) don't.

Maybe I have PMS. All I can think of tonight is running away from home. Maybe to a small town in Iowa, where nobody would ever think of looking for me.

Yeah. That's the ticket.

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