Well, Santa delivered a big Christmas turd today.

The kid got a card from her father.

And I quote:

"Although I'm still very hurt and angry about everything, I still love you.

Merry Christmas

p.s. Your mother really blew it!"

Lovely holiday sentiment, right? Fucker.

It's par for the course that he would completely ignore his own crazy behavior, harassing mental health care workers, his child, me - whatever... Same shit, different holiday.

The kid's pretty upset. She was hoping/expecting that he'd send a card saying he wanted to work on their relationship. Bah. Humbug.


I'm a little anxious, because two of her gifts haven't arrived yet. One from Borders - a DVD about wolves she was crazy for - and another - from Ebay - a "Hellsing" pillowcase (don't ask). They're not here yet and tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Errrgh...

Other than that, I'm ready for the big day. My brother is hosting the dinner. I'm cooking it (all except the turkey, which we're having fried by his next door neighbor, a chef of some importance I'm told). It's all worked out. We're arriving at his house at noon. He's picking up our mother, because I'm cooking. We open gifts, eat and are the hell out of there at about 5. After I drop our mother back at her place - we're off to the movies. Gee. It sounds heavenly on paper.

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