I caught myself having "issues" today... I just hate it when I don't come off looking good.

I started off cranky and PMS'ing. Had to get up reeeeaaaaallly early (for being on vacation, especially) to take the kid to a doctor's appointment. We still haven't found the cause of her head pains. The appointment was for 8:45 a.m. Errrgh. It was raining. 8:45 a.m. - in the rain. Doctor hasn't got a clue about the head pains... Afterwards, we had breakfast and still needed to kill two hours before the kid's dentist appointment (she's been having a pain in a tooth - plus, good time to have dentist check her for TMJ syndrome) - So, we hit the mall for an hour, and then went to Best Buy so she could get a new CD. At this point, I'd nearly gotten in two car wrecks, because people in LA don't know how to drive in the rain.

Dentist didn't find any cavities, merely sensitive teeth - plus, she doesn't think the head pain is TMJ related. Doesn't have a clue what it might be.

Of course, now the kid wants me to drive all the way across town so she can browse the really cool comic book store. In the rain. I oblige, because I don't want to have to endure 30 minutes of guilting and whining, because I said no. I sit in the car, in the rain, while she browses for 20 minutes.

No sooner does she get into the car (oh, almost one more wreck there) than she wants me to stop somewhere and buy her batteries for the CD player. You know - I can afford battries. I just did not feel like making ONE MORE kid-related stop. Not ONE MORE - ya hear me? I told her I wasn't going to stop anywhere, I was just going home.

A lively discussion ensues.

She finally says she'll just borrow some batteries from my/our friend, Heather. This is exactly the point when my issues came up.

When I was a child, my mother (who, incidentally took ME to the dentist exactly once between the ages of birth and majority, and by the time I did return to the dentist, I had 17 cavities), and who never, ever had her shit together - used to "borrow" milk, and eggs, and sugar from our neighbors. She'd send me over with a measuring cup, and I'd have to stand there, while the neighbor recounted how my mother borrowed something last week and hadn't returned it yet... That, combined with causing me to walk around in those same neighbor's kids' hand-me-downs - resulted in me developing certain sensitivities. I know that's a long time ago, and I should just get over this stuff, but I haven't. And it comes up and surprises me when I least expect it, and should really be acting more mature. But the only thing that ran through my mind, was that I would be acting like my own dear mother. Not taking proper care of my child - No batteries. Poor planning. Necessitating borrowing, and most likely not returning the batteries. My child, standing there, with hands outstretched like Oliver Twist - "Please sir, may I have some batteries?"

Of course, my kid hadn't a clue about any of this, and I suppose borrowing batteries from friends is completely kosher. But for some reason, I just chose to throw a moderately sized fit over those fucking batteries. Very unbecoming, I must say.

At any rate, we stopped at the store and got batteries. Two packs of batteries. That should shut the little brat up for a while...

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