Many apologies for what's to come - to those who are stuck in the frozen tundra of winter...

It's 71 degrees here.

It's going to be in the low 70's all week. And sunny.

I was out in the sun for three hours yesterday. Got my vitamin D goin' on - and my mood is giddy.

I observed a mated pair of Red-tailed Hawks yesterday and today. They must think it's spring or something. They've been soaring and swooping all morning long. And sitting on the same telephone pole. Side by side. Waiting for lunch to scamper by.

I noticed them up on the pole yesterday. As Reggie and I passed by, I spotted what appeared to be an owl pellet on the ground, and since I'm keen on finding an owl pellet - I nudged it with my shoe. It was a soft, wet, ball of grey fur. No bones even. I took a look upwards and there was the female hawk. Apparently, she'd just finished brunch...

All this gorgeous weather has filled me with creative urges. I got up this morning at an early 9 a.m. - and made a pot of turkey vegetable soup, and now I've got a loaf of bread in the oven. Oh sure, I still yearn and plan to live in Iowa, where the winters are bitterly cold - but for now, I'm so digging this California balm.

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