Yesterday morning, I was using the loo at work, and chatting with a lovely Samoan woman by the name of Serita. She's one Christian I can talk to, without getting that oooogy feeling most of the others give me. She's married to the Pastor of a Samoan Methodist church and always has her Bible under her arm. But she never, ever gives off that awful attitude you get with a lot of Christians.

At any rate, I came in to the ladies loo and we exchanged pleasantries. She asked me how I was doing, and I told her I guessed I'd be all right. So she says "Just trust the Lord", and as I begin to pee, she starts singing this old hymn. Well I'm sitting there peeing, and she's singing - and I start waxing philosophical....

What if, I pondered - Serita did trust the Lord, but something bad happened anyway? How would she reason that out? Would she look for the bright side of the bad thing, and turn it into a blessing? Would she think the Lord had abandoned her? I was so curious, I nearly asked her about it.

I should have. At 2p.m., my company "downsized" by 7 people. Serita was one of them.

I really hope I get to find out how this all plays out for her.


As we got the news about our 7 co-workers (a couple of whom had been with the company for over 20 years...) my stomach began to churn and burn and stab and torture me. I had to take two Zantacs. I decided to just go ahead and start on the Prilosec this morning. I took it about an hour ago and I haven't died yet so I guess I'm not allergic.

Note to self: Considering current conditions at craptastic place of employment - in addition to weekly lotto expenditure of $1 - bring along enough cash to purchase Sunday Times. Must find new employment situation - STAT!

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