You know, things just look different when you're not PMSing.

Take for instance, my current employment situation. They're just not finished with the laying off. I guess they're doing it by department. Sales (my department) will be next.

Last weekend, in a fit of hormonal angst, I decided my life would be taking a non-repairable turn should I get sacked. Today, walking in the warm sunshine, I happened to remember I have a tidy little nest-egg in the bank, a $2K tax refund coming to me, vacation pay, severence pay - why, I could hole up for months before I even cashed an unemployment check.

And I'd be sooooo relaxed!

Hell. Now they'll probably lay off all my friends, and I'll be the one left standing...

(Just in case, I did register my resume' with Monster dot com, and I applied on line for a few positions. 'Cause either way, I think it would be prudent to get the heck outta Dodge right about now).

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