Geez, I haven't made an entry in nine days... I just didn't have anything to say.

Last Saturday, the great and fantastic Dish Netw0rk people came and installed their system. It's awesome! The customer service people are helpful, explain EVERYTHING to you, they have two "Help" channels, you can pay your bill through your television if you want to... There's a FARM CHANNEL!!!!! (yesterday I watched a real-time cattle auction!) - oh, and we're having very strong winds right now, and my picture is perfect.

Last Monday, I schlepped my cable boxes and remotes back to our former cable company. Of course, the gal at the window had to give me the stock "You'll be sorry" speech... claiming they were cheaper than the Dish folks. Let's compare and contrast, shall we???

One Month:

Cable: Cheapest 'package' $40.00

Cable: Service 2nd TV: $2.95

Cable: 2nd Cable Box: $11.20

Cable: Access fee: .77

Cable: Remote control: .77

Cable: Franchise Fee: $3.63

Cable: FCC Regulatory User Fee: $.05

Cable: City Utility Tax: $4.21

Cable per month: $63.58

Dish: 100 channels: $33.00

Dish: Local stations (optional) $5.99

Dish: 2nd Satellite: $6.99

Dish per month: $45.98

You do the math. Oh yeah, just did!


Okay, this is just too sick... Our next door neighbor lady - the one whose kid my kid babysits for? He's a 13 year old boy. He told my kid yesterday, that he sleeps in the same bed with his mother!!! Ewwwww! They have a one-bedroom like we do, but instead of one of them sleeping on a pile of rags in the front room - on the three nights she has him with her each week - they sleep together.... What's she thinking about? That kid is going to hit puberty any second now, and start popping little boners and such during the night. Good grief, the pathology! The humanity!!!! Just Ewwwwwww!


I got the results of the blood tests my doctor did in conjunction with the GERD problem I've been having. (By the way, Prilosec is just the best thing ever.) - At any rate, one of my pancreatic enzymes was slightly elevated. So of course, hypochoncriac that I am, I looked that up on the net. Although it could mean I have pancreatic cancer (but I'm not tired, losing weight and jaundiced), it could also be elevated due to esophagitis (Helllllloooooo?????!!!) I have to get it re-checked this next week. Hopefully it will be down since my esophaghus has been getting a break from all that acid for the past couple of weeks. I do not have H.Pylori bacteria, so that's a good thing.

See? Absolutely nothing to say.

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