Last night it rained. Quite a bit actually. Poor planning on my part, as I desperately needed to do three loads of laundry - outside - up and down three flights of stairs...

Oh, and the satellite dish? DID lose contact with the satellite for about 5 minutes. I was panicking. The kid said "Mom, it's ONLY TV" I'm all "But it's TV!!!" After the difficult 5 minutes, all was well. My buddy, Scottie had perfect reception from his dish.

Speaking of the kid - tomorrow afternoon, we're off to the Neurologist. I'm sick and tired of not knowing where her head pains are coming from. Her regular doctor just gives me a blank stare. The dentist says it's not TMJ. Yet, all this past weekend, she kept grabbing her head and hollering about the pain. Coincidentally, I was looking in the dictionary to spell a word, and ran across the word that's the area my kid's cyst is located in. You guessed it - right where her pain is at... Hence the Neurologist appointment. I'm not leaving without some kind of diagnosis. I know people suffer with all sorts of weird-assed headaches for years, but my kid is going to get an answer tomorrow!

Other than that, everything is fine in my little world. I've lost another 3.5 pounds (since the beginning of last week). Something tells me the necessary giving up of chocolate (GERD related) has been a big help towards that end. Who knew?

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