Um, yeah... Picked up the kid's MRI and CT films at noon. Left work at 2:30 for 3:00 Neurologist appointment. Got in, started filling out forms when the behind the window gal said they didn't take HMO patients from my insurance company. Even tho, they were on our list and I called to fucking confirm! BAH! Now we have to start again.

I do feel more confident it's not her cysts though (actually reading the report - she's got lots of cysts in her head). I read both the radiologist reports, and they both make it sound like her cysts are of no significance whatsoever. Still, I want some sort of answer that my kid and I can cling to when her head hurts.


Donald Rumsfeld says he is confident the WMD's will still be found in Iraq. Yeah, they could be up somebody's ass...


I'm really, really tired of Tittiegate. Tacky? Yes. Our most pressing problem? NO!


Speaking of our most pressing problem - a co-worker saw the picture I keep on my office wall of Dubya, and asked me if I liked him. I said no, that I have him on my wall so I can keep my eye on him. She said "I just love him! I love the man that he is!!!"

I think I threw up a little in my mouth...

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