Pssssstttt... I have an interview at the secure company. Thursday at 8:00 a.m.


I've left the whole shebang up to the Universe. If this job is puuuurrrfect for me - I'll get it. If it's not - I won't.


You know, I've been posting on a Yahoo newsgroup for a couple of weeks. It's a newsgroup devoted to a TV preacher by whom me and a lot of other people were extremely damaged by over the years. I left that church in 1980, and I still have "issues". I was glad to know I wasn't suffering all alone. I signed on to the newsgroup believing these others were fellow-travellers so to speak... Except for one thing.

THEY'RE ALL A BUNCH OF SELF-RIGHTEOUS, SMUG, HOMOPHOBIC BASTARDS! I could not believe the nasty, hateful stuff some of them posted about gay marriage. Not thoughtful, respectful disagreement. Not even that craptastic "love the sinner, hate the sin". No! These good, God-fearing Christians put up tasteless computer renderings of two men doing it! And they even used the term F_G!

Needless to say, they got a piece of my mind. Sometimes I wish there was a hell. Just so I could watch them doing the backstroke through the lake of fire for all eternity.

Reminds me of one of my very favorite movie lines from "Hannah and Her Sisters"... "If Jesus came back, and saw everything that had been done in his name - he'd never stop throwing up".

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