Errrgh. So much to do - so little time left. YAY!

I had the sad job of telling my bosses. The one in Michigan has very severe abandonment issues. He didn't take it well... I felt bad, but I had to keep reminding myself that this was a great move for me - and will help my home life immeasurably. My boss will just have to get over it.

I only have one more hurdle. This new company does what appears to be a rather thorough background check on new employees. You know, credit, criminal, lifestyle stuff. I'm not worried or anything. I have stellar credit and I haven't gotten so much as a traffic ticket - but I wonder what kinds of things they find out. Will they dig through my trash and find junkmail from Planned Parenthood/ACLU/PFLAG? Will a "friend" spill the beans on that unfortunate incident with the ex-convict??? An ex-boyfriend turning over Polaroids from a drunken weekend in Tijuana???? I was able to check off a box so I'll receive a copy of whatever they get.

I also wasn't much good at providing employment history. The two companies I worked for before the one I'm at now - are out of business... Gee, I hope they don't think I'm cursed!

At any rate, it's been an emotionally draining day. I'll be more than ready for bed tonight.

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