Well, I just don't know about this new job of mine... I type stuff. I file stuff. I answer and get people on the phone. That's pretty much it.

Now, I know that's what Executive Assistants do. Stuff like that. But when I was making a lot less money, I was responsible for a whole lot more important stuff... Who'da thunk it?

My boss is the dourest (most dour?) fellow I've ever laid eyes on. I think if he ever smiled, his face would crack off.

But it's a stable company. The work is easy. The pay is good. If I don't screw up getting people on the phone (you think that's easy?????) - I might have a job for a long, long while. (Now, there I go jinxing it).


I'm knitting. I'm knitting scarves for next winter. I can knit items that are the same width as a knitting needle, long and straight. Oh yeah. Christmas gift giving season 2004 is looking very good (if you get my meaning).


Last summer, when I took the ill-fated line dancing class, I thought I'd reached rock bottom of geek-a-tude. Silly girl! Not so. For tomorrow evening, I will be joining two gal-pals in the local middle school cafetorium for a little humiliation we like to call "Belly Dancing" class. This has got to the nadir of my social life. Please, dear Lord - let it be all up hill from here - m'kay?

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