Before lunch, I'd dropped $839.00. GAAAAH!

I took the rental car back (Buh-bye beautiful Nissan Altima, I'll miss you!) - and then I picked up my little Geo from the shop. Man, he did a lot of stuff! Spark plugs, timing belt, cam seal, crank seal, water pump, thermostat, ignition cap, rotor, wheel cylinders, rear brakes, a fan belt, and a tune up. He said there's an oil leak somewhere - but I have to take the car in and have the engine and transmission steam cleaned before we'd know if what he did fixed the leak or not. Other than that - he said my car was in great shape. He checked the compression and it was good and equal (whatever that means, at least that's a good thing)... Oh, and how I was babying the clutch for a year and a half?? My clutch is FINE! I should be driving the Geo for another two years without major problems. I can start to pay down my credit card debt, and after I've lowered my monthly expenses, I will purchase a new, smushy feeling, good smelling new car. With back doors. And a trunk!

See how I'm all into cars now? After only three weeks at my new job? Sickening.

I mentioned a few entries back, how if my boss smiled, his face would crack off... It's worse than that. I saw him smile.............. I could wake up screaming from the memory! Good Christ, I thought he was making a FACE!

The horror! The HORROR!

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