All week long, I've wanted to write my thoughts and feelings in this diary, but I haven't been able to either sit down, or go on line. And now, here I am, and I'm all emotionally constipated...

This has been a week of ups and downs emotionally. I have to get more sleep, or I'm going to crack up. Seriously, I cannot survive on 6 hours a night. By Thursday, I was as cranky as a toddler, making so many stupid mistakes at work - I was in tears for the better part of the morning - so unlike me. Last night, I was asleep by 10, and I woke up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

My job is fine. They pay me an assload of money to do very little work. I do have to think though, which is nice - and I get to create forms and pay race car drivers, and I only have to file, like 3 pieces of paper a day. That's all good. But, it's hard too. Because I can't really be myself there. I'm unable to be the loud, overbearing, potty-mouthed broad that I am. I have to fit in, and be professional, smiling, bland, and toned down. I keep thinking this must be what it's like for someone who is gay or lesbian - when they're in the closet. It's just this low grade discomfort all day long.

The good news - I got my (what's left of it) 401K money! I'm just sticking it in the Market Rate account, because after taking out the loan to pay for the lawyer, I only had a little over $4,000 left. So, I'm banking it, and using it as a nest egg. Probably not the smartest financial planning, but I gotta say, it feels really, really nice to have a chunk of change in the bank for that rainy day.

I haven't been writing much political stuff lately - because mostly, I just get too pissed off to write anything readable. But, I did so enjoy watching Condi on the television yesterday. She's one cool-assed customer. She can lie and spin like nobody's business! DAAAAYUM! I was a bit disappointed though. I was looking forward to a whole lot more bloodshed, and I was truly hoping she'd burst into tears and run screaming from the room. Maybe next time. Or better yet, maybe Dubya will!

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