Being spontaneous is hard for me. I feel more secure when I'm planning every part of my day. I think it comes from being raised in a sick, alcoholic family, where chaos reigned. Anyway, I like to plan.

Yesterday, we had planned to go to the "Fairfax District", so the kid could have a face-to-face meeting with a little on-line girfriend she's been in contact with for a couple of years. The girl was visiting out here for the holidays, and it seemed like a great opportunity to get together. So, we drove out, and they met on the street corner (apparently, the girl, Jamie, doesn't tell her parents she has on-line friends - so she told them she'd met my kid at the Farmer's Market just a few days ago...). It was adorable to see those two girls together! They were EXACTLY alike!

I'm waiting in the car, because we only had a few minutes before she and her mom went to the Century City mall - and of course - my kid comes running back to me - with an invitation to join them... The girl's mom came over to the car, eyeballing me like I'm an axe murderer - and says why don't we follow them to the mall.

Normally, my anti-social tendencies would have me declining and hauling my kid back home. But she was having such a good time, and it's important that she have positive experiences with kids her age - so I said yes, and followed people I didn't know from Adam, to a mall I'd never been to in my life - for whatever adventure was to follow.

It was fine!

We all sort of split up when we got there. I bought the girls lunch at the food court, and we went our separate ways with a plan to meet back up in a couple of hours.

Oh, the Century City mall is nice! I went to Bloomingdales for the first time ever. (Not really that impressed, to tell the truth. I thought the fashions sucked - but they did have a really large selection of gorgeous - overpriced - handbags I nearly went nuts for). I bought a $20 tube of Bobbi Brown lipstick - just because. Then it was off to Sephora, where I've also always wanted to go, but never did. I picked up my usual fragrance (Aqua di Gio) for a really reasonable price - and got to carry around their classy black shopping bag. After that, it was just wandering around until my feet hurt, and the kid calling my cell to let me know they were ready to leave the mall.

I guess the kid somehow charmed the mom. She was telling me how great she was, and how she should come to visit them in Chicago. I was no longer an axe murderer.

After that, I just needed to go home and relax. Being spontaneous wore me right out.


On a completely different note - Go out and purchase this month's Vanity Fair Magazine (the one with Jackie Kennedy on the cover). There is a FANTASTIC article about Bush et al - and exactly HOW we got into this nightmare in Iraq. Go now. Do it!

That is all.

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